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Empowering Animal Welfare: Join Our Cause for Happy Cows

Supporting our cause can be a rewarding way to contribute to animal welfare and the well-being of cows. Your financial contributions are crucial for us to cover expenses such as feed, veterinary care, shelter maintenance, and other essential needs. You can make one-time donations or set up recurring contributions to provide ongoing support. If you have relevant skills or own a business that could provide goods or services needed by the cows (e.g., veterinary services etc.) do consider offering those resources.



Enriching Lives Through Volunteering: Join us and Care for Cows

You can also contribute by volunteering to help with daily tasks such as feeding, cleaning, grooming, and providing attention and care to the cows. Contact our Gowshala to inquire about volunteer opportunities and the skills they may need. Your help can lighten the workload of the center’s staff and make a positive impact on the cows’ lives.

Raise funds

Unite for Cow Welfare: Engage, Amplify, and Sponsor the Cause!

Spread the word and get your friends, family, and community involved to amplify your contributions towards a noble cause. If you work for a company, do consider proposing a corporate sponsorship program where the company can support the gowshala through donations or other means.

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